Webcam Rauher Busch, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live

View of the ski slope at the bottom station of the Rauher Busch chairlift in the northern part of Winterberg. The webcam is located at an altitude of approximately 700 meters. Rauher Busch chairlift is less than 500 meters long and very slow compared to other lifts in the area.

Winterberg weather conditions

Temperature: 15 °C Pressure: 1025 hPa
Min: 13 °C Humidity: 47%
Max: 16 °C Wind: 1.96 m/s

Live cams around Winterberg

Astenstrasse, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Astenstrasse, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The webcam captures the short, but very fast Astenstrasse ski lift in Winterberg, which is especially appreciated by beginners. The length of 260 meters is one of the shortest ski lifts in the area. The upper station is located at an altitude of 714 meters.

Büre-Herrloh, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Büre-Herrloh, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The webcam at the Büre-Herrloh chairlift provides panoramic views of Winterberg. At an altitude of about 700 meters you can explore one of the most popular ski resorts in Germany.

Bremberglift, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Bremberglift, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

Take a look at the current situation near the Bremberglift ski lift using the webcam located in Winterberg ski resort. The ski lift of less than 500 meters is one of the average in this area. The top of the station is located at an altitude of 802 meters.

Büre Bremberg X-Press, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Büre Bremberg X-Press, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

Take a look at the space at the Büre Bremberg X-Press chairlift. The webcam records a place at the bottom station at an altitude of 677 meters. Büre Bremberg X-Press is extremely fast and also one of the longest ski lifts in Winterberg.

Brembergkopf, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Brembergkopf, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The Brembergkopf I ski lift is located in the middle of Winterberg ski area. The chairlift for 6 people is 717 meters long and takes you up to the top of the slopes in less than 3 minutes. Webcam will help you check the ski conditions at Brembergkopf I.

Kleine Büre, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Kleine Büre, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The top of the Kleine Büre ski lift is 745 meters above sea level. With a length of 330 meters it is rather a shorter ski lift in the whole area. The webcam records a part of the Kleine Büre lift and the associated ski slope in Winterberg.