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Osprey Nest, Oxford live cam

Osprey Nest, Oxford

Take a look into an osprey nest in Oxford, Massachusetts. The cam is run by Oxford Conservation Department. Watch the daily pleasures and sorrows of the ospreys. The Oxford osprey nest webcam is out of order from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring.

Osprey Nest, Sanibel Island live cam

Osprey Nest, Sanibel Island

Watch the stream from osprey nest live cam located on a 35 feet tall platform constructed for this purpose. A pair of ospreys has lived here for more than five years. The osprey nest live cam in Sanibel Island captures their daily life and natural behavior.

Osprey Nest, Washington D.C. live cam

Osprey Nest, Washington D.C.

Take a look at the osprey nest under the Frederick Douglass Bridge in Washington, D.C. The osprey nest live cam located at Anacostia River captures the life of several individuals. It is run by Earth Conservation Corps.

Peregrine Falcon Nest, Romeoville live cam

Peregrine Falcon Nest, Romeoville

Watch the live stream from the peregrine falcon nest cam located on the roof of a power plant in Romeoville. The project called Chicago Peregrine Falcon Program serves for research of falcons and is run by The Field Museum.

Peregrine Falcon Nest, Waukegan live cam

Peregrine Falcon Nest, Waukegan

Take a look into the peregrine falcon nest thanks to the live camera located on the roof of a power plant in Waukegan. Mary Hennen and her team have been studying the peregrine falcons for the last 20 years and strive for their reintroduction.

Stork Nest, Sarralbe live cam

Stork Nest, Sarralbe

Look into a small town in northeast France. The Sarralbe webcam scans the nest from the top down and offers a close look at the life of a white stork.

Visayan Warty Pigs, Santa Fe College live cam

Visayan Warty Pigs, Santa Fe College

The camera located in Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo serves for a research of the behavior and habits of Visayan warty pigs. The live cam works 24 hours a day and broadcasts in HD quality, however, it can be temporarily unavailable due to student projects.