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Fish Tank, Saddle River live cam

Fish Tank, Saddle River

Enjoy the live stream from the fish tank cam in Saddle River, New Jersey, that you can watch 24 hours a day. The camera offers a detailed view of neon goby, clownfish, coral banded shrimp, emerald crab and other animals in the fish tank.

Giraffe Barn, Zoo Greenville live cam

Giraffe Barn, Zoo Greenville

Visit Greenville Zoo in Cleveland Park thanks to the giraffe barn live cam capturing the home of two giraffes 24 hours a day. Female Autumn has recently given birth to a new member of the family, Tatu, which is making her happy. During day you can watch the Masai giraffes on the webcam in their paddock, which you can also find on our web.

Giraffe Paddock, Zoo Greenville live cam

Giraffe Paddock, Zoo Greenville

You can watch two Masai giraffes in their paddock in Greenville Zoo during day. Female Autumn gave birth to calf Tatu on 2nd February 2016. The webcam in Giraffe paddock provides video in HD quality. Greenville Zoo is situated in Cleveland Park.

Grizzly Bear, Zoo Montana live cam

Grizzly Bear, Zoo Montana

Watch the lives of two grizzly bear males (Bruno and Ozzy) in Zoo Montana. The live cam captures the pond area, the most interesting area of their enclosure where they spent most of their time. Watch the grizzly bears fighting, bathing and romping around.

Halifax Humane Society, Daytona Beach live cam

Halifax Humane Society, Daytona Beach

Take a look at the dog shelter in Halifax Humane Society. The live cam captures the dog cage. The shelter has a capacity of approximately 350 dogs and it is usually full. Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach takes in over 15 000 dogs a year.

Horse Teaching Unit, Gainesville live cam

Horse Teaching Unit, Gainesville

Watch the natural behavior of horses on a farm in Gainesville. The live cam captures the daily life of the horses which are taken care of by the students from schools in the neighborhood.

Lion's Den, Florence live cam

Lion's Den, Florence

Watch the life of two lions - Leo III and Una at the University of North Alabama. The live cam in lion enclosure in Florence is very popular. You can watch both lions eat, sleep or bathe in a pond 24 hours a day.

Manatee Lagoon, West Palm Beach live cam

Manatee Lagoon, West Palm Beach

Watch the live stream from Manatee Lagoon in West Palm Beach, Florida. Shoals of manatees get together in the lagoon and bask in the warm water. The manatee lagoon live cam is run by Florida Power & Light Company.

Osprey Nest, Essex live cam

Osprey Nest, Essex

Visit a pair of ospreys via live stream from their nest in Essex, Massachusetts. The camera offers a detailed view of the nest and enables you to watch their daily life. The Essex osprey nest webcam is run by the Essex County Greenbelt Association.

Osprey Nest, Gainesville live cam

Osprey Nest, Gainesville

Watch the life of two ospreys nesting on one of the lighting poles at Alfred A. McKethan Stadium in Gainesville. The osprey nest live cam is run by the University of Florida. The HD quality broadcast offers a detailed view into the life of these rare animals.