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Heiligenhafen Marina live cam

Heiligenhafen Marina

Take a look at the city of Heiligenhafen in the north of Germany. The webcam captures the road around the marina.

Heiligenhafen Ostsee-Lounge live cam

Heiligenhafen Ostsee-Lounge

Watch the Heiligenhafen Ostsee-Lounge live cam inside the building.

Heiligenhafen Pier live cam

Heiligenhafen Pier

The very popular pier in Heiligenhafen is especially interesting by starting above the country level, and as a bridge to provide tourists with a passage over the beach towards the sea.

Heiligenhafen Seebrücke live cam

Heiligenhafen Seebrücke

Look for a well-known tourist attraction in Heiligenhafen. The massive long pier allows tourists to walk directly over the Baltic Sea. Now you have the opportunity to watch sea waves with the Heiligenhafen Seebrücke live cam.

Heiligenhafen Strand live cam

Heiligenhafen Strand

View of the smaller pier on the northwest strand in Heiligenhafen. The cam provides a detailed view of the seaside area.

Heiligenhafen Yachthafen live cam

Heiligenhafen Yachthafen

View of several smaller piers in a row that are prepared for the local boats in Heiligenhafen.

Hotel Beckröge, Cuxhaven live cam

Hotel Beckröge, Cuxhaven

View from the Hotel Beckröge in Cuxhaven in the north of Germany. You can see the smaller hotel beach in the picture. The webcam placed at Beckröge also help you check the local weather.

Kleine Büre, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Kleine Büre, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The top of the Kleine Büre ski lift is 745 meters above sea level. With a length of 330 meters it is rather a shorter ski lift in the whole area. The webcam records a part of the Kleine Büre lift and the associated ski slope in Winterberg.

Kugelbake, Cuxhaven live cam

Kugelbake, Cuxhaven

The Kugelbake is undoubtedly the greatest tourist attraction in Cuxhaven. A 100-foot historic beacon, made entirely of wood, allows visitors to explore the entire North Sea and watch floating ships. The webcam takes Kugelbake from a distance.

Panoramabahn, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg live cam

Panoramabahn, Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

The four-seater chairlift Panoramabahn in Winterberg ski resort is located in the southern part. The webcam will help you check the snow conditions on the slopes. You can also watch local skiers here.