Webcam Sedona Mountains, Arizona live

Even though the population of the city of Sedona in Arizona is only 10,000, it is a place you want to visit. The live cam in Sedona captures red rock formations, which surround the city from all sides. The countryside has been forming for millions of years and it offers phenomena that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. The Sedona webcam offers a lot of pictures changing periodically.

Flagstaff weather conditions

Temperature: 19 °C Pressure: 1017 hPa
Min: 17 °C Humidity: 58%
Max: 19 °C Wind: 0.78 m/s

Live cams around Flagstaff

Seven Arches, Sedona live cam

Seven Arches, Sedona

If you like red rocks combined with sunbeams, the Seven Arches live cam in Sedona will enthrall you. The picture offers interesting rock formations which surround the city from all sides. The webcam is located in the House of Seven Arches.

Seven Arches Panorama, Sedona live cam

Seven Arches Panorama, Sedona

The interactive Seven Arches panoramic picture in Sedona displays all the points of interest in the direction of the camera, including their names. You can see for example the Thunder Mountain, Wilson Mountain or Cathedral Rock Vortex here.

Red Rock Panorama, Sedona live cam

Red Rock Panorama, Sedona

The panoramic picture from the top of a mountain near the city of Sedona in Arizona offers a view of all sides, including the function of zoom. Take a look at the surroundings and red rocks at a static webcam, which does not offer a live stream.

Red Rock, Sedona live cam

Red Rock, Sedona

Enjoy an exclusive view of the Arizona city of Sedona from the top of a mountain. The live cam captures red rock formations around the city, which have been forming for millions of years. In combination with sunbeams, you can see the “burning rock” at some places.